Example API Request: Add Crew Member to Exposure Apparatus

Before Getting Started

  • Review the Authorization section of the Guides page
  • Make sure you are subscribed to the Agency Incidents product or a similar product that includes the Agency Incidents APU endpoints.
  • Configure Postman with a valid Access token using the Authorization Code or Password Grant type

Additional documentation for the Agency Incidents API can be found here.

Add Crew Member to Exposure Apparatus

The following steps will allow you to assign a Crew Member to an Apparatus appearing on an Incident Exposure when you know the Dispatch Run Number.

  • For this example our Dispatch Run Number will be "DSPR12345".

1. Find all Account Users

Before digging into the Incident Exposure, you'll need to locate the userID of the Crew Member you wish to add to the Apparatus.

  • Request Method: GET
  • Request URL: https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyusers/users
  • Endpoint Documentation: Get Users

The request will return a list of all account Users and their corresponding userIDs. Locate the userID of the Crew Member you wish to add to the Apparatus.

        "userID": "7788xx"

Make note of this userID as you will need it later in this guide.

2. Find the Incident ID

Let's locate the IncidentID of your Incident using your Dispatch Run Number ("DSPR12345"). The "filter" operator can be used to isolate all incidents with dispatchRunNumber "DSPR12345".

  • Request Method: GET
  • Request URL: https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyincidents/incidents?filter=dispatchRunNumber eq "DSPR12345"
  • Endpoint Documentation: Get Incidents

From the response you'll receive the "incidentID".

        "incidentID": "123456xx";

3. Find the Exposure ID

Now that you have the incidentID ("123456xx"), you can locate the exposureID.

  • Request Method: GET
  • Request URL: https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyincidents/incidents/123456xx/exposures
  • Endpoint Documentation: Get Exposures

From the response you'll receive the "exposureID".

        "exposureID": "765432xx"

4. Find the Apparatus ID

With the incidentID and the exposureID in hand, you can now find the apparatusID of the Apparatus you'd like to add a Crew Member to. You'll use the exposureID ("765432xx") in this call.

  • Request Method: GET
  • Request URL: https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyincidents/exposures/765432xx/apparatuses
  • Endpoint Documentation: Get All Exposure Apparatuses

This response will return the "apparatusID".

        "apparatusID": "556677xx"

5. Add a Crew Member to the Apparatus

Now that you have apparatusID "556677xx", exposureID "765432xx" and userID "7788xx", you can add the Crew Member to the Exposure Apparatus.

  • Request Method: POST
  • Request URL: https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyincidents/exposures/765432xx/crewmembers
  • Endpoint Documentation: POST Exposure Crew Members
        "userID": "7788xx",
        "apparatusID": "556677xx"

After a successful POST, you should receive a 201 Created status and the exposureUserID of the associated Crew Member.

Response: 201 Created

Body Response

"exposureUserID": "3344556xx"

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