Example API Request: Applying Request Parameters to Order Results

Before Getting Started

Additional documentation for the Agency Incidents API can be found here.

GET Incidents Endpoint Documentation

The Agency Incidents > Get Incidents documentation references the orderby Request Parameter in the following format:

Request Parameters
orderby string Format - string. Order by any fields in the resource that can be updated, either ASC or DESC. i.e. "rowVersion desc, apparatusID asc"

Following this format, the GET Incidents request URL would translate to:


An example request URL would look like the following, where the orderby string is "stationID" and the sort method is DESC (Descending). This request would list Incidents for an account, sorted by Station ID in Descending order (stations with a higher ID at the top of the list).

https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyincidents/incidents?orderby=stationID DESC

Sort Results of an Incident GET Request in Postman using Order By

  1. Open Postman and request an Access token
            "access_token": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN",
            "expires_in": 3600,
            "token_type": "Bearer",
            "scope": null,
            "refresh_token": "YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN"
  2. Create a new Request in Postman
  3. Make sure the "GET" request type is selected
  4. New Postman Get Request
  5. In the request URL field, update to the following
    • https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyincidents/incidents
  6. At the end of the URL, add a ? followed by orderby, then = (equals), stationID to order Incidents by Station ID and finally a space   then DESC to sort by highest StationID first
        https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyincidents/incidents?orderby=stationID DESC
    Limit Incidents
  7. Tap/click the Headers tab and populate with the following information
    Content-Type application/json
    Authorization YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
    Authentication Header with Access Token
  8. Tap/click Send
  9. Review results in Body section of Postman
    • Verify that results ordered by Station ID, highest Station ID first
  10. Order Incidents Results

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