Create an API User in your ERS Account

Create a separate API User in your Emergency Reporting account that will be making calls to ERS APIs.

  • Note: Developers may need to request an ERS Administrator at the agency you're working with to perform the following steps
  1. Login to your ERS Account and tap/click Administration in the left sidebar
  2. Navigate to Administration
  3. Tap/click on Personnel List (Admin > Personnel > Personnel List)
  4. Navigate to Personnel List
  5. Tap/click "Add Person"
  6. Add Person to Personnel List
  7. Complete all required fields (First Name, Last Name, Pay Grades) and tap/click "Save"
  8. Populate Required Personnel Fields
  9. Once the User has been saved, tap/click the Security tab
  10. Navigate to Security Tab
  11. Under System Access level, select "Has access" to open additional fields in Security tab
  12. Enable Access
  13. Under the Login section, enter a username for your API user
    • Usernames can be an email address, a first name and account number, or most any other unique combination of characters
    • Ex) or apiuser0000
  14. Create Login for User
  15. Tap/click the Save icon
  16. Tap/click Save
  17. Next to the Login field, tap/click "Change Password"
  18. Tap/Click Change Password
  19. When the Change Password window appears, enter a password that meets the listed requirements and tap/click "Change Password"
    • Make note of both the username and password for your API user as they will be used when connecting to ERS APIs
    Create Password
  20. In the "Email for Password Reset" field, enter an agency email address (that is checked frequently) in order to receive messages related to a password reset for the API User
  21. Enter email address
  22. Tap/click the Save icon
  23. Tap/click Save
  24. Under the Security section, tap/click "Roles and Permissions"
  25. Navigate to Roles and Permissions
  26. Tap/click "Add Role"
  27. Add Role
  28. Populate Role information as follows:
    • In the "Name" field, enter a name for your new API Security Role (ex: "API Access")
    • In the "Description" field, describe what this Security Role will be used for
      • Ex)"Role providing access to API User(s)"
  29. Define Security Role
  30. Tap/click "Permissions"
  31. Select Permissions
  32. Assign access as you see fit (typically determined by an Agency Administrator)
    • Note: If an application is looking to POST/Send data, “Read Only” access would be insufficient and “Full Access” would be necessary per each module
    • Some agencies may only feel comfortable granting access to specific modules while others may allow Full Access to all modules
  33. Enable Permissions
  34. Tap/click "Add Role"
  35. Add Role
  36. After returning to the “Roles and Permissions” screen, tap/click the “Add/Remove Personnel” icon (far right) for the new API Access Role
  37. Add/Remove Personnel
  38. When “Add/Remove Personnel from Role (API Access)” window appears, tap/click the plus icon next to the API User(s) you would like to add to the Role
  39. Add Personnel to Role
  40. Verify the API User(s) was added to the Personnel list at the top of the window and tap/click “Save”
  41. Verify User Added
  42. After returning back to the "Roles and Permissions" page, navigate back to your API User in the Personnel List (Administration > Personnel List > [Select API User])
    • Tapping/clicking Back in your Browser should also bring you back to the API User Personal Info page
  43. After returning to the API User Personal Info page, tap/click the “Contact Info” tab
  44. Under “Personal Contact Information”, tap/click the “Home” dropdown, select “Email” and enter an agency email address that is checked frequently
  45. Add Contact Email
  46. Tab to another field to make sure email address auto-saves

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