How To: Sign Up and Subscribe to the ERS API

Sign Up for an API Developer Account

  1. From the API Developer Portal Home screen, tap/click Sign Up
  2. Sign Up Button
  3. When Sign up page appears, complete required information and tap/click "Sign up"
  4. Sign Up Page Snippet
  5. After Email Verification window appears, check your inbox for the Verification email
  6. Email Verification
  7. After opening verification email, tap/click verification link to verify your account
  8. Verification Email
  9. After tapping/clicking the verification link, you will be redirected to your Emergency Reporting API Portal Developer Profile Page
    • You will also receive a Welcome email in your inbox

Subscribe to an Emergency Reporting API

In the Emergency Reporting API Portal, collections of APIs are grouped into Products. Each Product may contain several APIs. The following steps outline subscribing to the "Agency Incidents with NEMSIS 3" Product.

  1. From your API Portal Developer Profile Page, tap/click Products in top menu bar
  2. Products
  3. Tap/click "Agency Incidents with NEMSIS 3"
  4. After landing on the "Agency Incidents with NEMSIS 3" Product page, click Subscribe
    • The "Agency Incidents with NEMSIS 3" Product may include several APIs in your Subscription
    • You should see the "Agency Incidents with NEMSIS 3" subscription listed
  5. Subscribe
  6. After tapping/clicking Subscribe, you will land on the "Subscribe to product" confirmation page. Tap/click Confirm.
  7. Subscription Confirmation
  8. After confirmation, you will be redirected to your API Portal Developer Dashboard listing "Your Subscriptions"
    • You will also receive a Subscription detail email in your inbox
  9. Your Subscriptions Subscription Detail Email

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