Codes | NEMSIS Medication Names Updated with Codes - PA

The following NEMSIS Medication names and codes refer to Medications the State of Pennsylvania (PA) has renamed, replacing Medication Names suggested by NEMSIS National specifications. PA personnel may be accustomed to seeing specific wording, so please use the table below for reference when comparing codes returned from the API to Names listed in the User Interface (UI).

Common ERS UI Locations for Medications:

  • Incidents > [Select Incident] > PCR > Medical History > Current Medications > Medications
  • Incidents > [Select Incident] > PCR > Patient Care > Medication > Medication Given
Medication (PA State List) Medication Name (ERS) Med Code
Albumin Human, USP Albumin Human USP 828529
Albuterol / Ipratropium Duo-Neb 214199
Glucose 250 MG/ML Injectable Solution Dextrose 250 MG/ML Injectable Solution 260258
Glucose 50 MG/ML Injectable Solution Dextrose 5 % Injectable Solution 309778
Glucose 500 MG/ML Injectable Solution Dextrose 50 % Injectable Solution 237653
Epinephrine, Racemic Hydrochloride Racepinephrine Hydrochloride 314610
Sodium Chloride 0.0769 MEQ/ML Injectable Solution NaCl 0.0769 MEQ/ML Injectable Solution 237372
Sodium Chloride 0.154 MEQ/ML Injectable Solution NaCl 0.154 MEQ/ML Injectable Solution 313002
Sodium Chloride 0.513 MEQ/ML Injectable Solution NaCl 0.513 MEQ/ML Injectable Solution 730781

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