Codes | NEMSIS Restricted Cause of Injury (eInjury.01) Codes - PA

The following is a list of restricted NEMSIS Cause of Injury (eInjury.01) values the State of Pennsylvania (PA) will NOT accept from a submitted PCR.

ERS UI Location:

  • Incidents > [Select Incident] > EMS > [Select PCR] > Event > Injury > Cause of Injury
Injury (Description) Category ICD-10-CM Code
And unsp drugs, medicaments and biological substances PoisoningOrOverdose T50.9
Effects of lightning Lightning T75.0
Fall from chair Fall W07
Fall from, out of or through window Fall W13.4
Contact with hypodermic needle ToolsOrDevices W46
Unspecified cataclysmic storm Weather X37.9

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