Codes | NEMSIS Restricted Impressions with Codes - PA

The following is a list of restricted NEMSIS Primary and Secondary Impressions (eSituation.11, eSituation.12) the State of Pennsylvania (PA) will NOT accept from a submitted PCR.

ERS UI Location:

  • Incidents > [Select Incident] > EMS > [Select PCR] > Patient Care > Initial Assessment > Impressions >
    • Primary Impression (eSituation.11)
    • Provider's Secondary Impressions (eSituation.12)
Impression (Description) ICD-10-CM Code
Other symptoms and signs involving emotional state R45.89
Meconium aspiration P24.0
Single liveborn infant, unspecified as to place of birth Z38.2
Unspecified effects of drowning and nonfatal submersion T75.1
Effect of reduced temperature T69.9
Breakdown of unspecified cardiac and vascular devices and implants T82.519
Other complications of procedures, NOS T81.89
Local infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, unspecified L08.9
Respiratory syncytial virus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere B97.4
Epidural hemorrhage S06.4
Unspecified multiple injuries T07
Other symptoms involving the circulatory and respiratory systems R09.89
Respiratory arrest R09.2
Cardiogenic shock R57.0
Hypovolemic shock R57.1
Septic shock R65.21
Shock unspecified R57.9
Alcohol use, unspecified F10.9
Cocaine use, unspecified F14.9
Cannabis use, unspecified F12.9
Hallucinogen use, unspecified F16.9
Inhalant related disorders F18.9
Sedative, hypnotic or anxiolytic use, unspecified F13.9
Opioid use, unspecified F11.9
Other psychoactive substance use, unspecified F19.9

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