Codes | NFIRS Incident Types

ERS UI Location:

  • Incidents > [Select Incident] > Basic 1 > Exposure Info - Primary Exposure > Incident Type
    • API Field: exposure > incidentType



Fire, other
Code Description
100 Fire, other
Structure Fire
111 Building fire
112 Fires in structure other than in a building
113 Cooking fire, confined to container
114 Chimney or flue fire, confined to chimney or flue
115 Incinerator overload or malfunction, fire confined
116 Fuel burner/boiler malfunction, fire confined
117 Commercial Compactor fire, confined to rubbish
118 Trash or rubbish fire, contained
Fire in mobile property used as a fixed structure
120 Fire in mobile prop. used as a fixed struc., other
121 Fire in mobile home used as fixed residence
122 Fire in motor home, camper, recreational vehicle
123 Fire in portable building, fixed location
Mobile property (vehicle) fire
130 Mobile property (vehicle) fire, other
131 Passenger vehicle fire
132 Road freight or transport vehicle fire
133 Rail vehicle fire
134 Water vehicle fire
135 Aircraft fire
136 Self-propelled motor home or recreational vehicle
137 Camper or recreational vehicle (RV) fire
138 Off-road vehicle or heavy equipment fire
Natural vegetation fire
140 Natural vegetation fire, other
141 Forest, woods or wildland fire
142 Brush or brush-and-grass mixture fire
143 Grass fire
Outside rubbish fire
150 Outside rubbish fire, other
151 Outside rubbish, trash or waste fire
152 Garbage dump or sanitary landfill fire
153 Construction or demolition landfill fire
154 Dumpster or other outside trash receptacle fire
155 Outside stationary compactor/compacted trash fire
Special outside fire
160 Special outside fire, other
161 Outside storage fire
162 Outside equipment fire
163 Outside gas or vapor combustion explosion
164 Outside mailbox fire
Cultivated vegetation, crop fire
170 Cultivated vegetation, crop fire, other
171 Cultivated grain or crop fire
172 Cultivated orchard or vineyard fire
173 Cultivated trees or nursery stock fire

Overpressure Rupture, Explosion, Overheat (no fire)

Overpressure rupture, explosion, overheat, other
200 Overpressure rupture, explosion, overheat, other
Overpressure rupture from steam (no ensuing fire)
210 Overpressure rupture from steam, other
211 Overpressure rupture of steam pipe or pipeline
212 Overpressure rupture of steam boiler
213 Steam rupture of pressure or process vessel
Overpressure rupture from air or gas (no fire)
220 Overpressure rupture from air or gas, other
221 Overpressure rupture of air or gas pipe/pipeline
222 Overpressure rupture of boiler from air or gas
223 Air or gas rupture of pressure or process vessel
Overpressure rupture, chemical reaction (no fire)
231 Chemical reaction rupture of process vessel
Explosion (no fire)
241 Munitions or bomb explosion (no fire)
242 Blasting agent explosion (no fire)
243 Fireworks explosion (no fire)
244 Dust explosion (no fire)
Excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition
251 Excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition

Rescue & Emergency Medical Service Incident

Rescue, emergency medical call (EMS), other
300 Rescue, EMS incident, other
Medical assist
311 Medical assist, assist EMS crew
Emergency medical service (EMS) incident
320 Emergency medical service, other
321 EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury
322 Motor vehicle accident with injuries
323 Motor vehicle/pedestrian accident (MV Ped)
324 Motor vehicle accident with no injuries
331 Lock-in (if lock out, use 511)
Search for lost person
340 Search for lost person, other
341 Search for person on land
342 Search for person in water
343 Search for person underground
Extrication, rescue
350 Extrication, rescue, other
351 Extrication of victim(s) from building/structure
352 Extrication of victim(s) from vehicle
353 Removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator
354 Trench/below-grade rescue
355 Confined space rescue
356 High-angle rescue
357 Extrication of victim(s) from machinery
Water or ice-related rescue
360 Water & ice-related rescue, other
361 Swimming/recreational water areas rescue
362 Ice rescue
363 Swift water rescue
364 Surf rescue
365 Watercraft rescue
Electrical rescue
370 Electrical rescue, other
371 Electrocution or potential electrocution
372 Trapped by power lines
Rescue or EMS standby
381 Rescue or EMS standby

Hazardous Condition (No Fire)

Hazardous condition, other
400 Hazardous condition, other
Combustible/flammable spills & leaks
410 Combustible/flammable gas/liquid condition, other
411 Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill
412 Gas leak (natural gas or LPG)
413 Oil or other combustible liquid spill
Chemical release, reaction, or toxic condition
420 Toxic condition, other
421 Chemical hazard (no spill or leak)
422 Chemical spill or leak
423 Refrigeration leak
424 Carbon monoxide incident
Radioactive condition
430 Radioactive condition, other
431 Radiation leak, radioactive material
Electrical wiring/equipment problem
440 Electrical wiring/equipment problem, other
441 Heat from short circuit (wiring), defective/worn
442 Overheated motor
443 Breakdown of light ballast
444 Power line down
445 Arcing, shorted electrical equipment
Biological hazard
451 Biological hazard, confirmed or suspected
Accident, potential accident
460 Accident, potential accident, other
461 Building or structure weakened or collapsed
462 Aircraft standby
463 Vehicle accident, general cleanup
Explosive, bomb removal
471 Explosive, bomb removal (for bomb scare, use 721)
Attempted burning, illegal action
480 Attempted burning, illegal action, other
481 Attempt to burn
482 Threat to burn

Service Call

Service call, other
500 Service Call, other
Person in distress
510 Person in distress, other
511 Lock-out
512 Ring or jewelry removal
Water problem
520 Water problem, other
521 Water evacuation
522 Water or steam leak
Smoke, odor problem
531 Smoke or odor removal
Animal problem or rescue
540 Animal problem, other
541 Animal problem
542 Animal rescue
Public service assistance
550 Public service assistance, other
551 Assist police or other governmental agency
552 Police matter
553 Public service
554 Assist invalid
555 Defective elevator, no occupants
Unauthorized burning
561 Unauthorized burning
Cover assignment, standby at fire station, move-up
571 Cover assignment, standby, moveup

Good Intent Call

Good intent call, other
600 Good intent call, other
Dispatched and cancelled en route
611 Dispatched & cancelled en route
Wrong location, no emergency found
621 Wrong location
622 No incident found on arrival at dispatch address
Controlled burning
631 Authorized controlled burning
632 Prescribed fire
Vicinity alarm
641 Vicinity alarm (incident in other location)
Steam, other gas mistaken for smoke
650 Steam, other gas mistaken for smoke, other
651 Smoke scare, odor of smoke
652 Steam, vapor, fog or dust thought to be smoke
653 Smoke from barbecue, tar kettle
EMS call where party has been transported
661 EMS call, party transported by non-fire agency
HazMat release investigation w/no HazMat
671 HazMat release investigation w/no HazMat
672 Biological hazard investigation, none found

False Alarm & False Call

False alarm and false call, other
700 False alarm or false call, other
Malicious, mischievous false alarm
710 Malicious, mischievous false call, other
711 Municipal alarm system, malicious false alarm
712 Direct tie to FD, malicious false alarm
713 Telephone, malicious false alarm
714 Central station, malicious false alarm
715 Local alarm system, malicious false alarm
Bomb scare
721 Bomb scare - no bomb
System or detector malfunction
730 System malfunction, other
731 Sprinkler activation due to malfunction
732 Extinguishing system activation due to malfunction
733 Smoke detector activation due to malfunction
734 Heat detector activation due to malfunction
735 Alarm system sounded due to malfunction
736 CO detector activation due to malfunction
Unintentional system/detector operation (no fire)
740 Unintentional transmission of alarm, other
741 Sprinkler activation, no fire - unintentional
742 Extinguishing system activation
743 Smoke detector activation, no fire - unintentional
744 Detector activation, no fire - unintentional
745 Alarm system activation, no fire - unintentional
746 Carbon monoxide detector activation, no CO
Biohazard scare
751 Biological hazard, malicious false report

Severe Weather & Natural Disaster

800 Severe weather or natural disaster, other
811 Earthquake assessment
812 Flood assessment
813 Wind storm, tornado/hurricane assessment
814 Lightning strike (no fire)
815 Severe weather or natural disaster standby

Special Incident Type

Special type of incident, other
900 Special type of incident, other
Citizen complaint
911 Citizen complaint

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