Example API Request: Occupancy File Submission

Before Getting Started

Additional documentation for the Agency Occupancies API can be found here.

Example API Request: Occupancy File Submission (POST File) using Postman

The following assumes you already have an Occupancy in the system.

  1. In Postman, configure and send a Get Occupancies request
    • Method: GET
    • Request URL: https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyoccupancies/occupancies
    • Endpoint Documentation: Get Occupancies
  2. Locate the occupancyID in the results returned from the Get Occupancies request for the Occupancy you'd like to send a file to
    • Ex) "occupancyID": "12345xx"
  3. Create a new tab in Postman and configure a Post Occupancy File request
    • Method: POST
    • Request URL: https://data.emergencyreporting.com/agencyoccupancies/occupancies/{occupancyID}/files
      • Replace {occupancyID} with applicable occupancyID (12345xx)
    • Endpoint Documentation: Post Occupancy File
    • Body Configuration
      • Tap/click "Body" and select "form-data" in Postman
      • In the "KEY" field, enter the word "file"
      • At the far right of the "file" KEY entry, hover and change the default selection of "Text" to "File"
      • In the "VALUE" field next to "file", verify the "Select Files" button is now available
    Select Occupancy File
  4. Tap/click the "Select Files" button, browse to the file you'd like to upload and select file Upload Occupancy File
  5. Tap/click "Send" to send the Post Occupancy File request
  6. If the POST was successful, you should receive a 201 Created status message and the occupancyFileID in the response Body
            "occupancyFileID": "1122xx"

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